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About zenith institute

about Zenith Institute

Zenith Institute is a institute in Bankura who aim to give the proper education to the school students with their excellent structure , experienced faculties , proper management & guidance. Education is the core of the society and Zenith and their founders has a vision to to educate the youth of society proper with giving proper knowledge and prepare them for the exams to achieve great results. Zenith is always present to guide the young enthusiasts student who dream big to achieve success in life.

Zenith Institute Bankura is the registered( Reg: 19AABFZ6553EIZX) pioneer residential / non residential educational institute for Board, JEE, NEET, JENPAUH, NTSE and all other India based exams. It is the best preparation- Centre where students get everything for their preparation of different levels of exam under a single roof and in Bankura Zenith only provides it . We have 35 experienced faculties from different corners of West Bengal to teach ,motivate ,uplift students and raise self- belief in them . Zenith never follows but sets up a unique and required method to bring the best out of each and every student. Zenith grooms students in their academic life with providing them the  facilities like smart board , computer access , modern library , doubt clearing classes and mental guidance under cctv security , 24*7 supervision and best and affordable residential and non- residential system .Zenith is not only an institution , it is a family , it is bond , it is a culture , it is place to learn and explore ,it is a workshop where students learn not only about their study also how they can adjust with the different satiation of life . Zenith promotes the concept of ‘ we can do if we try ‘ and in zenith friendly ambiance is guaranteed where students never hesitate to ask any question related to their study and the teachers never feel annoyed to answer any query of the students about their study . Zenith believes in equality and Zenith keeps a special harmony among Managing heads- teachers –staff – students and guardians.

Our Mission

We aim to guide the students according to their choice and strength what is best for them. Generally students don’t get the facility of coaching for board and different entrance exams side by side under one roof and automatically as they have to get coached from multiple teachers or institutions separately it often raises confusion while learning and they have to bear the extra cost. Communication becomes a vital problem especially for the rural students of Bengali medium background and due to it they often find them at a zero position even after spending a great amount of money, investing so much time and having the standard to become something .Zenith solves this problem as under one roof everything is set and arranged for the students. Different teachers for different courses serve the students but the system is so integrated that confusion never rises. Library to smart board, Internet access to Xerox facility – What not in Zenith? We don’t impose but we teach and make the students realize what they should do when and how .It is a family where students get the platform to learn with Zenith accessing the different facilities. Choice is yours – platform is ours 

When efforts combined, success ensured.


Our Vision

We want to act as a workshop of producing advanced students-resources for different courses. We want to be the place where students can come and learn under an atmosphere which is friendly, affordable and comfortable for them. Bankura is a land of talents. In rural areas of Bengal schools-students have the genuine potential to compete with students of any place. Zenith will be their trusted platform to achieve success. Merit always wins, not money. Zenith aims to fight for the talented and meritorious students so that expenditure of continuing study does not become any bar for them and they get every possible facility to win their battles in the form of obtaining ranks in different exams. With passing days to crack any exam competition is going to be harder and besides merit and labor the factors like guidance, assistant, technological help and daily access of library will play a vital role and zenith is determined to provide every such accommodation to students of all sections of society at a very affordable cost under residential and non –residential format. Our vision is to make Bankura the education hub , the suitable place to touch your dream at all India level exams and to get the best coaching at the best price from best teachers for board and different types of all India base entrance exam.

Why Choose Us?

Zenith believes in nurturing the talents. Zenith always promotes skills of the students and sharpens their thoughts to make them better academicians. Zenith never imposes any model on the students or never treats all students in the same manner. Zenith always values the individual academic capturing power and liking of students and according to their talent, choice of subjects, preference for courses prescribes them the best options for them and supports them to touch their goal or ambition .Zenith always respects individual choice of career and continuously keeps them motivated under the system of discipline, regular study, regular classes, individual interaction between teachers- students, doubt clearing classes and individual care. Zenith keeps students the platform where they can prove themselves and bring smiles to the faces of their guardians and family members. The best is that one gets the preparation for the board and different entrance exams side by side. Students get free access of internet and computer for any doubt and they learn better in smart –boards where learning becomes a new experience for them .For our residential system guardians don’t have to worry about anything .Best teachers , friendly staffs , Healthy food , library , best accommodation , digital learning and study room – everything Zenith provides at an affordable coast . Choose us, be the part of us – Success is ensured under our way of learning system where we inspire, we motivate, we assist, we teach how to get best out of one-self to crown the success.

Our Motivator Message

Dear Guardians 

First thing I want to assure you that your child can never make a complaint against you about not providing him / her enough to prepare for board as well as national level examination if you admit him or her in Zenith. Your child will get the best that is required to crack those exams and the cost is very minimal. We value individual choice and set the parameters according to individual strength, intellectual capacity and merit to help students decide the pattern of preparation suitable for them and the best career or course option for them. We sharpen the power and develop the skill that your child has but never put unscientific pressure which often damages the creativity , thinking  and self learning power of children. 


Dear students 

To succeed in board exams or in different entrance exams along with merit, skill, practice, regular study the strategy is important. It is a battle and if one makes a slight error he/she will lag a lot behind. We are there to help you to become the winner offering the best strategy, best accommodation, best guidance, best teaching, best access and best facilities. Zenith will be your learning platform to improvise, better, prepare and deliver yourself.  We know together we can, we shall, we will . 

Our Founder Message?

We have launched Zenith institute to help the students to touch their goal of having all kinds of facilities from us under a single roof for the first time in Bankura . Many students falter not because they don’t have the talent but they lack proper guidance and teaching – study environment and preparation facilities for them. We ensure it .We guarantee every student and guardian to provide the best environment , best preparation features , best teachers , best guide , best technology , best learning , best accommodation , best residential facility for the students. Our teachers will teach , guide , explore the talent , aware them about their weak zones , show them what they lack , encourage them to do better , inspire them to labor and labor hard , make them understand the need of discipline and our system will sharpen , raise their qualities hidden within themselves and make them confident . Learning is a collective process here .It is a family where they will understand  how to make themselves better in their studies , how to compete at the all India level and how to develop their own skills under the guidance of teachers and supervision of the staff . 

Together we grow with success to show.